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How To Keep Your Training Gloves From Stinking

weighting gloves

We all have the same problem while we are working out, “Smelly” gloves. Whether it be weight training, boxing, kickboxing or the like after a while the sweat seeps inside our gloves and we can’t get it out. The real problem is everyone can smell them and we don’t even know it. Don’t worry we […]

Top 5 Focus Mitts for 2018

How do you gain speed and accuracy without focus mitts? Well, you don’t! Focus mitts is the key to getting that punch connecting right on the button. There is only one problem when you’re doing mitt work. The mitts don’t hit back. But with the right set of mitts and the right mitt man, they […]

4 Ways To Strengthen Your Core Without Using Your Legs

6 pack abs

Everyone wants to get 6 pack abs and of course the fastest way to achieve this goal is to get a stronger core. But the status quo and the fitness powers of the world will have you believe that you have to have the strongest legs in the world to build a solid core. While […]

Best 5 Punching Bags in 2018

Boxing mitts

The heavy punching bags; it has been the chief piece of equipment for boxers throughout boxing’s illustrious history and it likely always will be. The ability to make full use of footwork, punching power and outright aggression cannot be rivalled by any other piece of boxing equipment. Below are the top punching bags that will […]